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Botanic Park of Villa Rocca

In the early 20th Century, Giuseppe Rocca donated the Villa Rocca Palace and Gardens to the city of Chiavari. The gardens are home to a botanical garden, which is truly a little gem.
Along the hillside are winding and groomed trails lined with a wide variety of plant specimens: a conifer wood, a grove of palm trees, a Mediterranean garden, a rose garden, bushes of camellias, succulents and cacti, mimosa and carob trees, and bamboos, just to name a few. Some of the small buildings within the grounds are also noteworthy, but they unfortunately still need to be restored. The monumental greenhouses, the Pompeii Temple
or the Tea House built in the Art Nouveau style that is adorned by frescoes
and beautiful wrought iron balustrades.

A must do promenade, smack in the middle of the city of Chiavari.

Botanic park of Villa Rocca


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