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Terrimago Photography

Terrimago Photography offers you the opportunity to discover gardens, botanical gardens and parks around the world, thanks to Cristina Archinto’s photo shoots and the texts of the editorial staff’s authors. 
The photographic projects are available to enthusiasts and botanical lovers for free because in our opinion spreading botanical knowledge is the first step in learning to respect nature.

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exciting discoveries 

Anyone venturing into a botanical garden is amazed by the countless colours, scents, shapes and forms of the plant kingdom. These photo shoots tells the story of a passion that drove men towards uncharted lands, exploring the frontiers of knowledge.


Stories and curiosities
of plants and nurseries

Surrounded by wonderful plants and flowers on a daily basis we always take it for granted that they have always been among us, but this is not the case, most of the greenery that belongs to us comes from afar. These reports delve into the history of certain plants and trees, tell where they come from and who had the courage to undertake endless journeys to make them known to us. They also tell of curiosities and their use around the world. 


parks and gardens
and their stories

Behind every garden there is a story, or rather often a thousand stories, of women and men who have loved and fought for their gardens. Stories of patience and foresight, of discoveries and adventures, many stories that have come down to us through these wonderful places.