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Terrimago edition

Terrimago edition creates detailed and refined photographic books, translated into multiple languages and enhanced by the work of expert typographers. Their aim is to highlight the different aspects of the botanical universe and enhance the most typical characteristics of natural environments.
Terrimago edition also delivers its publications to specialized bookstores and organizes book presentations during botanical-related events.
Terrimago edition develops co-production publications.
After choosing interesting titles and themes,
Terrimago edition reaches out to some of the most fascinating botanical environments, selected for their distinct qualities, and offers them the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of a specific publication.Terrimago edition takes care of all the necessary processes for the complete realization of a photographic book, starting from the attention and care given to the photographic shoots and throughout the editing, the printing and the distribution phases.
Promotion is essential to the enhancement of a natural setting and to let each environment grow outside its natural borders. It is with this knowledge that
Terrimago edition creates co-producted publications.

They represent a unique opportunity for everyone to promote their gardens and botanical environments in the most advantageous way possible.


Last works of Terrimago edition

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