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Terrimago On taking pictures

Terrimago On taking pictures is a section of Terrimago that develops in a purely photographic field,with the help of Cristina Archinto garden and landscape photographer for many years.


Here you can find the photos tips to improve your shots in a specific field such as gardens and plants.

Also to expand your knowledge you will find the section exhibits where to keep up to date on events related to photographic exhibitions, fairs but also landscape painting exhibitions

inexhaustible source of knowledge.

Furthermore Cristina Archinto organizes photography workshops to learn to look at nature with photographic eyes and improve your images of landscapes or gardens.

The author is also willing to evaluate the possibility of organizing

the workshops in your gardens.

Write to us here or via Live Chatto get more information.

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collezione Bachelot

" Cristina Archinto with her photographs project us beyond the purely aesthetic dimension, they accompany us in a profound experience with the environment, with a garden, with nature. Photographic stories that narrate amazement and that lead you to reflect on these beauties , a leap for the spirit, a cultural journey. Clever photographic games to reconstruct the magic of a garden, a vegetable garden or a plant; the magic of nature."
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