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Cristina Archinto was born in Milan.

At the beginning of her career she dedicates herself to editorial designing collaborating with several magazines, a passion that over time she will always carry on. In 1989 she moves to New York and studies photography at Parson School. Once back in Italy she focuses on architectural photography; her knowledge of graphics helps her in the balance and the weights of her photos. In 1999 his daughter Greta is born, this event slows down her life rhythms and brings her to the continuous search for green spaces. Stimulated and attracted, she will make these places her new focal point bringing her to focus on the atmosphere of a park, the detail of a flower or a vast landscape. In 2002 she moves with her family to Rome to look for new sceneries and a new light. There she develops the profession of garden photographer and starts to collaborate with several specialized magazines, and publishes several books. At the same time a more artistic journey begins, a research always focused on the emotions that nature transmits to us by exhibiting her works in several Italian galleries. One of her latest works is focused on movement catching lights and returning materials and transparencies in the balance of shapes and the elegance of colors.

In June 2017 she founded an online magazine on territory/landscape and on gardens.

Personal Exhibitions

2001 “Immagini” Spazio Brera, Milano

2005 “Il giardino che vorrei” Horti di Veio, Roma

2006 “Il giardino che vorrei”  Lingotto, Torino

2008 “Naturalmente design” Galleria Blanchaert, Milano

2008 “Naturalmente colorati” Kasthal show-room, Milano

2009 “Naturale” Aveda show-room, Milano

2010 “Naturalmente al sole” Galleria Antonia Jannone,  Milano

2012 "Tevere una storia che scorre" Palazzo Bufalini Città di  Castello PG

2013 "GUARDA! verso oriente" Mimma Gini, Milano

2013 "GUARDA! Appunti da un finestrino" Viaggiandoilmondo Genova

2015 "Tevere una storia che scorre" St. Stephen's Cultural Center Roma



Collective Exhibitions

2006 “13x17” organizzata da Philippe Daverio, in giro per l’Italia

2008 “Hyperorganic: ambiente emergente” Triennale di Milano

2009 “Alimentart” Palazzo Murat, Bari

2009 “Il Giardino del Delta” Arte Galleria. Roma

2010 MiArt, Milano

2011-2012 Biennale di Venezia Padiglione Italia a Torino

Books published


A combination of beautiful and poetic photographs of different plants and landscapes combined with extracts of Shakespear’s work, articulate the days of the year, our own biological rhythm, life, death and all human passion.


80 suggestive images leads us through “Rome’s most beautiful garden” with his lanes, fountains, statues, flowers, plants, and all of the hidden corners.
Cristina Archinto’s pictures catch the enchanted environment, the most suggestive corners, and a very special silence that “covers” the park during the week when it becomes a shelter for people.



Cristina Archinto guides us throught various types of different gardens and landscapes with unique images, that underline the grace of plants, even the most usual ones. The photographer has the great talent to catch the charm of a common landscape, available to everyone, and the different magnificent textures of the plants. She also teaches us how to look to our surroundings, and how easy it can be to create a beautiful garden. This book whispers us how the beauty of nature can hide everywhere even in the most unexpected corners. 


2008- ROMA E I SUOI LUOGHI D’ACQUA (Babalibri)

Guida of Rome


2013 - GUARDA! APPUNTI DA UN FINESTRINO (Canneto editore)

Italian landscapes from the train

2020 - EUROPEAN BOTANICAL GARDEN A journey through History Science and Nature (Terrimago edition)


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