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Terrimago is an organization specialized in the enhancement and dissemination of natural and botanical knowledge. It promotes gardens, parks, botanical gardens, natural environments and wineries through the production of Cristina Archinto’s photographic projects. Her experience and passion have long been committed to expressing the emotions aroused by nature and to her desire to promote beautiful gardens all over the world. Furthermore, the valorization of gardens, parks and other botanical areas is also promoted by Terrimago through the creation of customized postcards, books, merchandising and websites, with attention to every detail.

Garden photography is a niche genre that requires thorough knowledge and profound love for nature’s beauty, as well as an in-depth botanical knowledge. Portraying a garden in the best possible way is much more difficult than one can imagine. Gardens change from day to day and from hour to hour, therefore the photographer needs to capture the perfect light and the most harmonious setting to properly enhance the garden and the plants. In order to transfer the natural environments’ vitality through photography, it is necessary to grasp the lights and the shadows, the colors and all the different shapes of the flora.
The reward for all this hard work is the final creation of intense and memorable images that will best portray your garden forever.

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Terrimago edition publishes detailed and refined books, as well as interesting co-production publications