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Terrimago projects


Terrimago is specialized in the image of gardens and houses.

With the photographs of Cristina Archinto Terrimago creates ad hoc editorial products to help promote gardens, parks, historic houses, accommodation facilities and wineries.

Internet sites, books and merchandising are all rigorously refined and cared for in every detail

to make your garden grow outside its natural boundaries.

Terrimago is specialized in assisting gardens and homes. It promotes gardens, parks, historic houses, accommodation facilities and wineries through the creation of various editorial products. In order to make these entities known and appreciated, Terrimago realizes photographic shoots, websites, books, merchandising, all of which are rigorously refined and cared for in every detail.

Garden photography
Garden photography is a niche genre that requires thorough knowledge and profound love for nature’s beauty, as well as an in-depth botanical knowledge. Portraying a garden in the best possible way is much more difficult than one can imagine. Gardens change from day to day and from hour to hour, therefore the photographer needs to capture the perfect light and the most harmonious setting to properly enhance the garden and the plants. In order to transfer the natural environments’ vitality through photography, it is necessary to grasp the lights and the shadows, the colors and all the different shapes of the flora.The reward for all this hard work is the final creation of intense and memorable images that will best portray your garden forever.

How we work 
The first step is a meeting in which the customer's needs are thoroughly analyzed. They may involve products for private use or more complete projects such as the development of merchandising for the start-up of bookshops. After a careful analysis of data and information, the customer is presented with various options and estimates. It should be noted that all the project proposals are tailored to each customer and will always be carried out in close contact with the customer.

The starting point are the pictures taken by the experienced professional photographer Cristina Archinto, who is able to reflect the emotions and singularity of a garden, a landscape or house interior in her original and unique images. Once the photo shoots are done, Terrimago elaborates photographic projects of various kinds, from simple but popular postcards, to leaflets in different formats or publications on a larger scale, such as books and volumes.
To produce the more extensive publications, Terrimago edition, with the help of Livia Danese, works with renowned professionals such as writers, journalists and illustrators to capture and highlight every aspect of the beauty and the uniqueness of each garden, park or winery. 

The printing is mostly made in offset by professional typographers using state-of-the-art equipment.
As for the establishment of bookshops for gardens and botanical gardens,
Terrimago analyzes statistics regarding the flow of visitors to calculate the redemption, or the ratio between the number of visitors and the possible purchases made at the end of the visit. This analysis allows to design products for the bookshop that correspond to the emotional value of the visit; each object has its own importance because the more the experience in the gardens is engaging, the more the purchases in the shop should be targeted.

Terrimago edition also designs websites for botanical institutions using innovative and user friendly site-builders, to enable the clients to be fully autonomous in the day to day management of the website.

For further information or inquiries please write to us via contact form or live chat.


grow your own garden outside its natural boundaries

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