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Terrimago to photograph




edited by Cristina Archinto


Observe, process, shoot


Strolling through a beautiful garden, immersing yourself in nature and enjoying a beautiful flower often has no equal and now, since we need to keep track of all our emotions with photographs, taking photos has become our daily mantra.

Certainly technology helps us nowadays and it has certainly become fundamental but often it is not enough, on the contrary, unlike what we think, it often leads to disappointments and to a greater quantity of pixels to look at, manage and archive. The equation more shots equals more likely to have a good picture is rarely right.

To improve your shots you need to face the issue upstream and learn to observe and explore with concentration and transport, you need training and the right perspective.

In the context of nature, observing and describing it is less easy than you think. A garden is the sum of several parts and therefore it is not enough to photograph a beautiful flower or a beautiful tree to tell its soul.

Each photograph is a story, a story that is different every time, which can be short or long, descriptive or minimalist, but it is only by having what we want to tell in focus that we will be satisfied with our shots.

Having found the subject, at that point you need to use the technique and tricks to express your story in a photograph that speaks for itself and that comes as close as possible to subjective reality.

Cristina Archinto's workshops take place exclusively in gardens, parks or botanical gardens, throughout Italy, to learn to truly observe "live". Here, thanks to his advice, you will enrich your photographic knowledge, and you will be able to make your shots into "stories" that leave their mark.


Conducting the workshops

IntroductionWe learn to look

Practical work

theoretical workTechniques and advice on photography in the field of plants and gardens

Field work

At the end of the day, Cristina will do, with whoever wishes, a work of reading and analyzing some selected shots taken during the day.


This workshop is suitable for everyone, (accompanied children over 12 are also admitted)

You can participate with both SLR cameras and a smartphone (it would be advisable if it had the manual shutter option)

Maximum 10 participants


A day spent talking about photography but also about images and stories.


We are currently finalizing the 2023 calendar

with placethroughout Italy and various dates.

Terrimageis also available to evaluate the possibility of organizing

the workshops in your gardens.

Write to us here or via Live Chatto get more information.

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