Helps your garden grow beyond its natural boundaries

Terrimago edition expertise is in gardens and houses images,

with the aim to accompany their owners in the engaging task

to make them known and appreciated.

Terrimago edition produces a variety of refined prints and publications, from photography shoots and postcards to books, with careful attention to every detail.

Every project centers around Cristina Archinto’s photographs,

a professional photographer for many years, who with her experience is able to reveal the emotions and uniqueness of a garden

through specially sought out and unique images.

For the production of more extensive publications, Terrimago edition, under the supervision of Monica Staffico, will avail itself of contributions from professionals such as writers, journalists and illustrators so as to illustrarte in the best way the story, the beauty and the uniqueness of a garden, a park or a property.

Furthermore, for the promotion of gardens and properties, Terrimago edition provides assistance with the development of original and refined merchandising.


Terrimago edition also designs websites, starting from the concept to its publication online, using innovative and user friendly site-builder, to enable the client to be fully autonomous in the day to day management of the website.

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